Thursday, July 13, 2006

Google Business Models

It was an honour to be invited as guest professor 2006 by the University of Munchen. One of the well-known online auction business models is Google. With a group of very dedicated students (related to the Center of Digital Technology & Management) different business models under development at Google Labs were analysed. The voting results with regard to the highest potential of the analysed Google Lab applications were as follows:

- Google Earth: 10 votes
- Google Talk: 3 votes
- Google Video: 2 votes
- Froogle: 2 votes
- Google Desktop: 1 vote
- Google Local for Mobile: 1 vote
- Google Pack: 1 vote

Total 20 votes

Also an interesting experience was that for the first time I was teaching a group where ALL had experience with online auctions (mostly eBay Germany).

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Networks in Auctions

The bi-annual Smart Business Networks discovery event, June 14-16, 2006 was again very successful. Executives and scientists discussed the latest on smart business networks. What are critical smart components? What type of applications? What are excellent network strategies? How to develop the business operating system?

Ulad Radkevitch, Otto Koppius and I presented research on ego-networks (suppliers that all the time come back to buyers in auctions). Our empirical analysis comes up with a typology of ego-networks in auctions: small buyers, transactional buyers, relational (small) buyers, relational (large) buyers, and diversifiers. Here is the paper.