Friday, June 9, 2006

Who Will Be World Champion Soccer 2006?

Who Will Be the World Champion Soccer? That is the question that will be asked and discussed the coming weeks by millions (even billions) of people around the world. Will it be Brazil, Germany .... or even the Netherlands!

We would like to predict who will be the winner. One way of predicting is to use a prediction market. Prediction markets create the potential to aggregate information far better than traditional ways of information aggregation and forecasting. Prediction markets are so-called double auctions. Both buyers and sellers (therefore double) buy and sell their shares in auctions.

One of our students - Jérôme Martin - has created SoccerExchange. Here you trade Brazil shares or Germany shares and try to make some money by buying and selling these shares related to the question: Who Will Be The World Champion Soccer? So, let's trade.